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Personal Data and Privacy Protection Policy


Capcom Taiwan Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Capcom”) has prescribed this Personal Data and Privacy Protection Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) in order to maintain the security of your personal data and your privacy, and comply with the statutory requirements for protecting personal data. Through this statement, you will be able to understand Capcom’s respect and protection for your personal data and privacy.
This Policy will allow you to understand the following aspects related to the collection of your personal data by Capcom:
1. Scope
2. Purposes of collection and types of data collected
3. Period, regions, parties and methods for using personal data
4. our rights, and the methods of exercising your rights
5. Impacts on your interest if you are unable to provide all your personal data
6. Security and maintenance of your personal data

Please read the following terms and conditions of the Policy carefully:

1. Scope

Capcom’s “Policy” is applicable to any collection, processing, use, and international transmission of any personal data occurring during your activities on Capcom’s website, and our affiliated websites, as well as relevant privacy protection measures. However, any third-party website or webpage linked to from Capcom’s website is excluded.

2. Purposes of collection and types of data collected

  • (1) Capcom collects personal data on its website for the following purposes: marketing; credit card, cash card, transfer card, or electronic ticket; contract, quasi-contract, or any matter of legal relationship; consumer and customer management and service; consumer protection; commercial and technical information, information (communication) service, online shopping and other e-commerce services; advertising and business conduct management, survey, statistics, and research analysis; other businesses conforming to the business registration or specified in the articles of association.
  • (2) Capcom collects, including, the following types of personal data on its website:
    Identifiable data: Such as name, address, mobile number, email address, account name applied for on an online platform, internet identity verification, application or inquiry record, and other personally identifiable information.
    Identify data in government records: Such as ID number, passport number, national health insurance card number, driver’s license, household registration transcript.
    Personal description: Such as age, gender, date of birth.
    Security details: Such as password, security code, and authorization level.
    Uncategorized data: Email correspondence, website comment, track record automatically saved by the system, and other personal data that can directly or indirectly identify the user, which are limited to the personal data provided to Capcom by you.

3. Period, regions, parties and methods for using personal data

  • (1) Period of Use
    Unless otherwise provided by the laws, the use will continue until the completion of the services provided to you on Capcom’s website and its affiliated websites, or until you request to stop.
  • (2) Regions of Use
    Hone Kong, Macau, and regions in South East Asia.
  • (3) Parties of Use
    Unless otherwise provided by the laws, your personal data will only be used by Capcom internally or our subcontractors for the service purposes agreed by you. We will not provide your personal data to any third party or for any other purpose without your consent.
  • (4) Methods of Use
    You might directly or indirectly provide your personal data when joining memberships, processing online transactions, subscribing to e-newsletters, doing online surveys, and for delivery of gifts, advertisement and marketing of games. Capcom will use and process your personal data with computer equipment, through the Internet, other electronic transmission or written methods within the scope of service agreed by you or for the performance of contact.

4. Your rights, and the methods of exercising your rights

  • (1) With respect to your personal data, it is your right to make the following requests to Capcom:
    a. To look up or view.
    b. To make a copy.
    c. To supplement or revise.
    d. To stop collecting, processing or using.
    e. To delete.
  • (2) Limitations on Rights
    Your rights above will be limited if you do not comply with the application process of Capcom or otherwise provided by the laws.
  • (3) Chargeable Fees
    When you request to look up, view, or make a copy of your personal data, Capcom will charge the necessary cost and expense according to the then-current cost and regulations.
  • (4) Methods to Exercise Your Rights
    To make any of the above requests, please fill out the application form. Capcom may ask you to provide a viable document to verify your identity. If anyone makes the request on your behalf, please submit the power of attorney, and the identity documents of you and your representative.
  • (5) Refusal of Marketing
    If you are unwilling to authorize Capcom for any marketing purposes, you may contact the customer service center at any time, and we will cease any marketing activity towards you.

5. Impacts on your interest if you are unable to provide all your personal data

If you are unable to provide complete and accurate personal data, Capcom will be prevented from communicating real-time, finishing the transaction, and providing services. Nor can Capcom conduct and process identity verification, questions of purchase, transaction or customer complaints. We recommend that you should provide complete personal data, and update the information from time to time. You are solely responsible for any damage caused to you and any third party due to the incompleteness or inaccuracy of your personal data. Capcom is entitled to hold you liable for the damages, if any, incurred thereof.

6. Privacy Policy

  • (1) Capcom will implement adequate security measures, reasonable technique and measures, and maintenance to protect your personal data from theft, alteration, damage, loss or divulgence in accordance with the laws. However, your personal data will be provided to relevant governmental agencies if the laws specifically require Capcom to do so.
  • (2) You might need to link to other websites (including but not limited to the links or information provided by Capcom) when using Capcom’s website. In such case, Capcom does not guarantee the security of such websites, and does not provide any protection measures hereunder to you. Please be cautious.
  • (3) When you browse or search a webpage, Capcom’s website will automatically retain the server value on your browser such as IP address and time. The website will automatically send cookies to your computer, recording and storing your ID and the webpages you visit, in order to identify you, your habits and choices, and without changing any settings of your computer.
    If you do not want to leave any record on any website you have browsed, please turn off the cookie function on your browser; you can still read the content of the webpage. However, if you are a member, Capcom will not be able to identify you immediately when you visit Capcom’s website again, and might not be able to provide thoughtful services to you.
  • (4) Capcom would like to remind you again: Please keep your account name and password safely, avoid using it in public so that others cannot peep at this information. After you complete the transaction, please log out. If you share the computer with any other person, do not forget to close the browser window, preventing others from reading your data. In addition, you should install anti-virus software on your computer to prevent others from stealing your personal data through a backdoor. Capcom is not liable for any damage caused by the divulgence of account name and password.

7. Modification of Personal Data Protection Policy

Capcom may at its option modify any part or all of this Policy, and will publish the modifications on Capcom’s official website. Please visit the website and read the information. By clicking agree, or continuing to use the services on Capcom’s website after the modification or change to Capcom’s Policy, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the modifications to the Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, please immediately stop using all services on Capcom’s website.

8. Feedback and Suggestions

If you have any thoughts or questions about Capcom’s Policy, you may contact Capcom’s customer service center.